Zvezdana Broken Industries

Collection of vintage fashion items made in Yugoslavia by companies Jugoplastika, Yassa, Vesna, Savremena zena, Rudnik, Forma, Solidnost and many others.



In 1946, after the liberation, the shoe factory Tovarna čevljev Maribor was established with a merger of the company, confiscated from Vilko Blatnik, and the nationalized company Karo, previously owned by Karl Roglič. The company focused on manufacturing light footwear and soon gained its reputation.

 In 1950’s the company started manufacturing shoes for the American and European market and was one of the first companies to export to the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic and Poland.

In 1962, the company was renamed into Lilet Tovarna čevljev Maribor (Lilet shoe factory Maribor). The company was declared insolvent in the 90’s and was finally erased from the register of companies in 2003.


Shoes are available here

imageNeva Creme special; Neva, 1963. Design by Marija Kalentić

imageOCTA Hand cream tube and box, Neva, 1968. Design by Marija Kalentić

Currently in Split you can see the exhibition #Women with style, Split 1920-40.”

Black rain boots by BEOGRAD, Industrija obuće. Made in Yugoslavia.

Christmas ad for BATA shoes

Vintage ad for BATA shoes